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24/7 Protection & Surveillance of your Earth Moving Equipment

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Off-grid & self-powered         No infrastructure, power or data required          Easy setup & installation   

Tested & ready to go upon delivery          Affordable & flexible to move from site to site

Why choose Siteguard to help your earthmoving project?

Solar wireless surveillance easily moved

Reliable surveillance for highway upgrades & land sub divisions

Prevent theft and vandalism

Easy monitoring from your smart phone

Multiple site management with easy to move portable base

Easily move from site to site with our wireless and solor powered system.


How long does the battery last if there is cloudy weather?

3 days

Do intruders try to tamper with the device, e.g. damage or hack the system? 

No, we do not have this happen.  The system is fitted with anti-vandalism and anti-theft devices including motion-sensors, floodlight, strobe, siren and a back-to-base alarm notification system if an intruder is detected.  It is a highly visual deterrent to offenders. 

Is it difficult to set up and use?

No, every system is programmed and tested before it leaves our factory.  This means that you receive a ready-to-go system – plug it in and turn it on. 

Do you monitor my site after-hours and alert me of intruders?

There are 2 options – either we monitor it for you or you can monitor it yourself.  The camera has an in-built alarm feature that sends an alert back to your mobile phone if an intruder has entered your site unauthorised

Site safety, security and people management

We give you peace of mind. You know who has entered your site & the time!

Anti theft of equipment, materials or fuel etc

No more having to replace expensive tools and equipment.

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Have more questions? Call us today

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About Us

GPW Group Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturing company, supplying builders of the future. Our Australian-designed and Australian-made products are built to the highest standards to suit your project.

Siteguard – our Solar Security division specialises in solar and battery-powered camera systems that make protecting your work sites easier than ever before. Rest easy, knowing that no matter where the location of your project is, you can use our rapid-deployment system to immediately watch and protect your site. Contact Siteguard to see how you can prevent theft and vandalism. Day and night.

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Sales & Hire with Fast Delivery Australia Wide

24/7 Monitoring of your expensive machinery eg: dozers, skid steers

Flexible Solar Powered Portable Camera Solutions

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24/7 Protection & Surveillance of your Earth Moving Equipment

Australian-made built-tough high-definition solar surveillance system for hire or buy

We protect hundreds of projects from civil to construction and government organisations.

A large construction company specialising in Govt. projects required time-lapse monitoring of construction works from start to finish of the project.

They partnered with Siteguard to deploy a fully standalone solar and battery powered system, providing coverage 24/7.  High-quality still-shots are taken every 10 minutes daily and saved to the cloud using the Siteguard Online Cloud portal for ultimate security and convenience.

Siteguard provides full ongoing data and technical back-up throughout the duration of the project, offering seamless and hassle-free support.  This is invaluable for helping managing client relationships.

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Companies we have worked with

3 reasons why Civil & Earthmoving Contractors choose Siteguard

Michael Hazelwood, Civil Operations Manager 

(Saving thousands of dollars in fuel theft and machinery vandalism)


"We run 6 teams and we can easily relocate the system between teams as required, without the need for specialist staff to pack up transport and set up."


 "Set and forget nature of the system – install it and the camera/ unit does its thing without needing much in the way of operator/owner input, other than paying the data bill." 


"Previously monitoring systems needed to be fit for the particular purpose they were required for – the Siteguard unit provides maximum flexibility in placement and coverage of varied construction sites.” 

We protect hundreds of projects from civil to construction and government organisations.

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Don’t leave your valuable machines exposed to theft and vandalism

From stadiums to bridge-building, Siteguard is committed to providing our enterprise clients with peace of mind. 

No matter how bold or complex the project, Siteguard is leading the way with industrial-grade technology that provides more flexibility, greater coverage and superior performance.

Siteguard is a trusted provider to corporate clients who have been targets of a myriad of incidents.  Clients report issues from theft of skid-steers to window damage of machinery and fuel theft.  Our clients have found other CCTV systems to be ineffective and unreliable.  

For example, they were unable to read number plates clearly or obtain sufficient evidence to prosecute any offenders.  By choosing a Siteguard system that you can rely on 24/7, clients are able to save thousands of dollars in fuel, equipment repairs or replacements and downtime.

Don't let your expensive machinery Succumb to theft and vandalism

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