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“Last Christmas we had 21 break-ins into our construction site. We installed a Siteguard system on site and this Christmas we only had 1 attempted break-in. It has even saved us the cost of paying for security guards.” 

Kevin Warman – Senior Project Manager

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Why choose Siteguard to protect your site?

Off-grid & self-powered

No infrastructure, power or data required

Easy setup & installation

Affordable & flexible to move from site to site

Site management in remote locations with no power

Get a ‘live’ view of your site 24/7. Get a timelapse of your build from start to finish 


How long does the battery last if there is cloudy weather?

3 days

Do intruders try to tamper with the device, e.g. damage or hack the system? 

No, we do not have this happen.  The system is fitted with anti-vandalism and anti-theft devices including motion-sensors, floodlight, strobe, siren and a back-to-base alarm notification system if an intruder is detected.  It is a highly visual deterrent to offenders. 

Is it difficult to set up and use?

No, every system is programmed and tested before it leaves our factory.  This means that you receive a ready-to-go system – plug it in and turn it on. 

Do you monitor my site after-hours and alert me of intruders?

There are 2 options – either we monitor it for you or you can monitor it yourself.  The camera has an in-built alarm feature that sends an alert back to your mobile phone if an intruder has entered your site unauthorised

Site safety, security and people management

We give you peace of mind. You know who has entered your site & the time!

Anti theft of equipment, materials or fuel etc

No more having to replace expensive tools and equipment.

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Have more questions? Call us today

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About Us

GPW Group Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturing company, supplying builders of the future. Our Australian-designed and Australian-made products are built to the highest standards to suit your project.

Siteguard – our Solar Security division specialises in solar and battery-powered camera systems that make protecting your work sites easier than ever before. Rest easy, knowing that no matter where the location of your project is, you can use our rapid-deployment system to immediately watch and protect your site. Contact Siteguard to see how you can prevent theft and vandalism. Day and night.

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Fast Delivery Australia Wide

Tested & ready to go upon delivery

Large Corporate Projects

From stadiums to bridge-building, Siteguard is committed to providing our enterprise clients with peace of mind. 

No matter how bold or complex the project, Siteguard is leading the way with industrial-grade technology that provides more flexibility, greater coverage and superior performance.

One of our large corporate clients had experienced 8 incidents at their sites and the existing CCTV proved ineffective and unreliable. 

This resulted in thousands of dollars in fuel theft, vandalism and costly downtime.  After the Siteguard system was deployed, the issues stopped completely and the offenders were prosecuted.

Start offering the Siteguard System – tried, tested & proven with Australia’s leading building partners

Australian made built tough high definition solar surveillance systems - Now available for your hire customers

Small to Medium Sites

Siteguard works with a diverse range of sites no matter how large or small.  We offer both short term options and single camera models to suit your budget.

No site is too small to protect and offenders will often strike more than once.  Millions of dollars in tools and construction machinery is stolen every year from worksites right around Australia.

Purchasing a high-quality surveillance system with night-vision technology acts a strong deterrent to thieves and intruders, and goes a long way in assisting Police to catch offenders.

Beyond crime prevention, clients are finding that they are an effective site management tool.  Many smaller clients choose the self-monitoring option to simply keep an eye on the progress of their jobs.

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